Astronaut sitting in lotus position

Space Madness

A content framework that connects ideas so you can build your logo
+ logo
npx create-turbo@latest -e

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Grow your garden

Everything you need to build connected, explorable websites

People don't think in pages and discrete ideas. They like to explore ideas organically, bouncing from place to place in a way that makes sense to them. Now you can build your content for your explorers.

Fast by default
Sites are compiled at build time. Always fast. Scales infinitely
CDN & Edge hostable
Link everything
Links connect different content pieces together, allowing for organic exploration. All links are bi-directional.
Backlinks are automagic 🪄
Search anything
Fast and local search is built in. No tweaking necessary.
Fully customizable
You own the entire stack
A powerful and easy to use backend Sanity Studio
A feature rich, DX paradise frontend with Astro

A Developer's Paradise

Type safety everywhere
Shared types across the front-end and backend
Typescript + Zod = 🧘
Radix + shadcn/ui
Prebuilt feature rich, beautiful, fully accessible components
Component CLI ready
Tailwind CSS + Scoped Styles
Build with consistency using Tailwind when you need it
Scope your styles with Astro when you want to get fancy with the spices
Pagefind + cmdk
Pagefind builds search indexes at build time
Client side search with cmdk feels like flying in Plaid Mode™

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npx create-turbo@latest -e